The Administrator's Favorite Pictures on the Site
Admin's Favorite Hot Women Pics

Note: Votes do not matter on this page. This list is a compilation of favorite hot pics of this web sites administrator. Currently there are only three categories, which are women's bikinis, and lingerie. We may add more categories later.

All the votes in the world will not get you on this list. If you feel you have a picture that can top one of the pictures on this list, then send one email to with your username. (Only one email please. Multiple requests will cause removal of your account.) This is just the process of having the admin consider your photo, and does not mean it will be added to the list.

A special note to any of the girls who did not make the list. There where a lot more photos I wish I could add. It was tough to make a selection with so many beautiful women on the site.

The Top Hot Lingerie Pictures
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#1 - This lingerie picture is the administrators favorite, because of originality and photo quality. I saw she was also in Maxim magazine.
#2 lady_tron - She has been a favorite hot girl on Rating My Looks for a long time. I am sure you can see why.
#3 wdhan - Extremely sexy lingerie picture.
#4 kel - Hot lingerie on a very good looking woman.

#5 Submit a Pic - Email us with a hot lingerie pic you have on your account for a chance to be added to this page.


The Top Hot Bikini Pictures
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#1 babbiigurl - This picture just took the top position for the new number 1 spot of admin's favorite swimsuit pics. I just doesn't get much sexier than this bikini. She also has lots of other photos on her account you may want to check out.
#2 krissyleigh - Krissy Leigh is a professional bikini model. I have emailed back and forth with her on several occassions about the site, and she has been very nice.
#3 biscochito - This is a very sexy bikini picture, plus she has a lot more hot more pics, so be sure to check them out.
#4 veronica19 - I am not sure if this is a bikini or a bra, but it sure looks good enough to make the top list.
#5 kalashnikova - Very nice bikini shot. She is hot, so check out her other pictures.
#6 sexiishannon - Cute bikini picture with a girl next door look.
#7 doda - Nice bikini picture with other good pictures on her account.

#8 Submit a Pic - Email us with a hot bikini pic you have on your account for a chance to be added to this page.


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