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Go to Edit Photos before submitting them, for easy sign up.

You must be at least 18 years old to post your photos on this site.

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IMPORTANT New Photo Rules
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Photos must be in JPG format. GIFs are no longer accepted.

You must include your face in the photo.

Your computers IP address is recorded when voting to help prevent cheating.

Voting down other photos to help your photo get on the Top 10 will not be tolerated.

You may not constantly vote high ratings for your own picture. IP addresses are recorded to help prevent this.
  • You may not cheat and vote yourself higher by using different IP addresses or similar schemes. IP addresses are recorded to help prevent cheating.
  • Your score maybe reset at anytime, or your account maybe removed at anytime. This is a free site, so use at your own risk.
  • This site is for fun, and is not to be taken seriously.
  • Cookies must be set to on for members section to work.
  • You must have a working email address to set up an account.

    This site is for fun, and is not to be taken seriously.

    Photos repeatedly removed and added just to restart your votes higher will not be accepted.

    Please report any crude or sexually explicit messages to

    We want to help try to keep our message service clean and fun!

    What pictures are not accepted?

    Pictures are inappropriate for this site if they contain nudity, celebrates, children, jokes, picture does not include a face, picture is not of the person who submitted it, contains URLs, or if the picture is not of a person. Rating My Looks.Com does not have to include any pictures it chooses not to include.

    What if I see a photo on this site that is inappropriate?

    Click the link below the photo to report this violation. The photo will be re-reviewed by the staff. If you notice a photo that you know to be copyrighted or should not be on the site for some other reason, please e-mail us at

    Can I take my picture off the site once it has been submitted?

    Yes, you may log into your account and remove your pictures. If you have a problem doing so email us for help in removal.

    Pictures and free membership maybe revoked at anytime for any reason.

    The site moderator may remove or edit any picture or photo for any reason, or no reason at all. Membership is free and may be revoked at anytime for any reason the moderator sees fit. This site does not guarantee anything, including length of membership, or placement, or vote rating of pictures. This site is free entertainment and should not be taken seriously.

    How can I contact someone who's picture I see on this site?

    You can click the "Message Me" button underneath any picture you see to send a message to the person. They will be able to view your message next time they log into this site. Under no circumstances will we give out the e-mail address or contact information of anyone listed on this site.

    Any other questions?

    E-mail us at:

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